[chbot] Electric car charging being installed - Northlands Mall

Corey emailrelay coreyemailrelay at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 08:21:39 BST 2016

I spotted this tonight. Here are some images, sorry about their average
smartphone quality: https://imgur.com/a/pZBn7

It is still in progress and is very recent, I'm pretty sure it wasn't there
yesterday... It's in the northwest carpark building - between The Warehouse
and Pak n Save. On the second level, next to the stairs at the Pak n Save

There are two metal boxes, one is partially wired with two plugs so it
looks like 4 parks in this area at least will have charging. The power feed
to them isn't connected, but there was some unconnected cabling lying under
It doesn't appear on the charging map, which has an under construction
status https://charge.net.nz/charging-map/

Plugs appear to be these from a quick Google search -
They are marked as rated at 240v 40A.

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