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Michael Hope michaelh at juju.net.nz
Sun May 24 02:06:59 BST 2015

The Arduino integration at https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino is excellent.

-- Michael

On 23 May 2015 at 15:46, Richard Jones <richard.jones.1952 at gmail.com> wrote:

> We mentioned the ESP8266 Wifi modules at the March and April meetings.
> Lack of definitive documentation combined with conflicting and confusing
> open source versions and information were offered as reasons to avoid. So I
> picked up the gauntlet and got some modules working eventually. It took
> longer than I would have liked but I think it was well worth the effort.
> This is what I found...
> The ESP8266 Wifi module has a 32bit 80MHz cpu, 96k bytes of user ram, and
> 512k Bytes of flash. The modules cost me $2.60US each delivered from
> AliExpress. I bought the ESP12 because they have the most IO pins available
> at the moment, and I have six (one from Yani, 5 from AliExpress). Having
> spares means that so far I have not let out any of the grey smoke that is
> contained inside :-)
> I installed and compiled all support software under Ubuntu 14.04. I used
> the esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.1 located on github. An excellent tutorial for
> installing the tool chain is here:
> http://www.penninkhof.com/2015/03/esp8266-open-sdk/
> Much of the ESP8266 example code around the web has makefiles that need to
> be re-written or modified to work with the open source tool chain. Some of
> the examples required mods to header files and prototypes as the tool chain
> has moved on over the months.
> I tried to use an FTDI USB dongle to program the modules but it kept
> giving me errors. I eventually gave up and used a trusty PL2303 USB to
> RS232 instead with a 4049 cmos level shifter to 3.3V which worked first
> time.
> An excellent open source hardware and software example of what can be
> squeezed into the device is available here:
> http://harizanov.com/wiki/wiki-home/three-channel-wifi-relaythermostat-board/
> I have the relay board code working with a single 1 wire temperature
> sensor. Multiple temperature sensors do not seem to work, not sure if its a
> hardware or software problem. Tomorrow I hope to hook up a 128x64 oled
> display and install my own web pages.
> Is anyone else using these modules? I know Phil wrote an great
> introduction here:
> http://rancidbacon.com/files/kiwicon8/ESP8266_WiFi_Module_Quick_Start_Guide_v_1.0.4.pdf
> Richard
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