[chbot] Need equipment to flash a bios.

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Thu May 21 07:05:17 BST 2015

I bricked my meegopad t01 HDMI computer stick, and I need to flash the
bios in circuit.

I need some equipment and wondered if anyone in chch had some similar
equipment and was prepared to either loan it out or do the job for me.


The above post shows what is needed, although I am told that this device


would also work.

I am not very up with the technology, but is anyone can point me in
the right direction I would be grateful. There is certainly some
appreciation coming the way of the person with the right equipment:
beer, money, whatever.

I could go on to the net and spend probably $100 to get something from
china or ebay to do the job, but it was only a $150 computer in the
first place!

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