[chbot] possible email issues, and reminder

Volker Kuhlmann list0570 at paradise.net.nz
Thu Mar 12 21:26:17 GMT 2015

On Fri 13 Mar 2015 09:25:10 NZDT +1300, Ivo Gorny wrote:

> My meeting reminder message from Yahoo showed up today, but dated with
> the original timestamp of Wednesday, 3:39pm. Very strange.

My copy showed up directly and immediately, no problems, so the delay
for your copy has to be on your end. Check the time stamps in the
Received: headers for where it was delayed. Perhaps your IT people
released it manually from some kind of quarantine.

Richard's explanation is probably spot on (use yahoo mail servers for
sending email with a yahoo From: address or expect high spam scores).


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