[chbot] Ripoff or clever item description?

Mark Beckett m.beckett at amuri.net
Thu Mar 27 22:03:33 GMT 2014

I seem to recall that we had a discussion some time back about 
purchasing 'other' hardware and then using Saleae software.
The general concensus was that it was 'unethical'.

I purchased directly from Saleae and it was $149USD plus postage.
 From memory it was here in a few days.

Hadleys price is close to direct import.


Hadley Rich wrote:
> On 28/03/14 09:02, Volker Kuhlmann wrote:
>> Saleae is a small company working hard to create good products. They
>> have their software available for download for use with their hardware
>> because they spend their time developing real value, not copy protection
>> schemes to annoy their paying customers
> I'd have to agree, the Saleae stuff is really nice and they give away 
> cross platform software, worthwhile supporting them rather than buying 
> ripoff stuff.
> hads

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