[chbot] I started a kickstarter for my Binary watch

Ian Tennant i.tennant at xtra.co.nz
Wed Aug 13 07:35:02 BST 2014

You might find this link interesting, especially the price!!  Not as function –rich as your proposal though. Good luck with the project.



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I'm going to have a go at improving on my binary watch which some of the members may know about, so I've started a kickstarter project, it would be great if you could pledge and I will need some assistance with some of the prototyping, design and possibly the coding for the micro controller, the PICAXE code is all well and good but adapting it to a PIC or similar will be a process, and I don't have the facilities to etch PCB's or 3D print items. It would be great if you all help out.

 I'm on crutches now so I may be able to come to the next meeting

Link to the project below

  <http://e3.kickstarter.com/wf/click?upn=NkRM1QziN5nTa0ziKXpZq621pB3w-2Biy5ZRRqMJlQ12Y-3D_-2FAVuGww2P3DGNI52q58c3b7ajVXTIe3G0t74vDac6wIPIrRCSpl1UvDXoajlXforX6sfYWSVSfaECflyu3Z8XNwZogQIoe71d58exSs-2Fm-2BUXWCcGpyHz8LT-2Bg5lFU1hiv0t23gkL1E-2F9mFNNjEdFXOk6ll3aHYcLRIgGLBhTy4JqfhwzGC5zN4h4Ku5EKL2qnmwx3NW4QGYV4l5qoK4IZA-3D-3D> http://kck.st/VhPh5E

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