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Chris Hellyar chris at trash.co.nz
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Had to share:  The courier just dropped off this box of goodies:


Those who have been on the list a while might remember back in September 2003 when a small group of us met in the St Albans community centre I had a wee 3 servo perspex hexapod running off a Basic Stamp.  At the time I was saying how I was going to do amazing things with a bigger one.

Well, its only taken me 11 years but I’ve finally put my money where my mouth is and ordered a 18servo alloy hexapod kit off ebay.

In the middle I’ve played around with a few different designs but never really finished anything.  I have some single 3DOF legs in the junk box, a couple of 4DOF ones along with the mandatory collection of servos with stripped gears to show for my efforts.

At the moment its a pile of bits as you can see, but finished size will be about 500mm across with the legs fully extended.  Should keep me off the streets for a while I’d say! :-)

Electronics plan at this stage is an arduino mega running the phoenix inverse kinematics engine. Servo power will be a couple of 10A switching regulators for the servos fed from a 3cell 1800maH Lipo.  Probably a separate small 2cell lipo to run the micro, will see on that count although it’ll run tethered initially as I don’t have the ubecs yet, and even though the servos are metal geared I’ll just make smoke if I try to have it wandering around by itself before it’s debugged. :-)

I'll post random progress photos over the next 11 years as I try to make it walk!

Cheers, Chris H.
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