[chbot] USB relay board?

Jasper Mackenzie jasper.mackenzie at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 07:27:23 BST 2013

I wanted to do this a while ago and came across heaps of products like:

Settled on the idea of doing it with the parallel port until I found that  
usb-parallel is not true parallel 8(
  (Up until yesterday I turned the Amp on and off with LIRC and pulseaudio  
volchecker... new server has irq problems I think, and it no longer  
works... tonights project)

The spark fun way looks good.

  The other posibility is a switched pdu... would love one of these if  
anyone has a spare, especially with current monitoring. Maxxim have a nice  
dev board based on one of their chips that is 8 power sockets with power  
factor, current etc sensing - usb interface. If this seems like the way I  
can send you all the stuff they sent me - full protel files etc.


> Hello All
> I am looking for a USB controlled relay board that can switch mains at a
> low current (less than 1 Amp).
> The idea is to use this to rig up a PC-controlled automated test rig that
> can turn power on/off as part of the testing.
> It needs to be able to work with a Linux host.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks
> Charles

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