[chbot] Anyone want to see 12Blocks for Arduino on Monday?

Hanno Sander hanno at mydancebot.com
Thu Feb 14 06:45:38 GMT 2013

If anyone's interested I could show an early look at 12Blocks for Arduino,
- easy drag-drop graphical programming with multi-select, undo/redo
- true multi-threading on Arduino- as easy as dragging 2+ start blocks
- integrated high-speed debugging with real-time graphs of variable values
- change variable/parameter values while program runs
- powerful user functions and use of existing libraries
- integration with robot simulator, ros, skype, xml server, etc...
- lots of blocks to help you build sophisticated robots: balancing bots,
maze, soccer, dance...

If you're interested in helping beta test come on Monday night or let me


ps: I'm now the official Parallax distributor in New Zealand- see here if
you need anything:

Hanno Sander
hsander at onerobot.org
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