[chbot] OT : smart phone shopping list

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Sun Aug 11 21:35:40 BST 2013

Hi All,

Just drawing up a shopping list for a new phone

Any recommendations of manufacturers, models and local suppliers ?

Anyone / thing I should stay away from ?




Low cost Android smartphone, less than NZ$200
No contract
Not locked to any telco (Voda, Telecom, 2 degrees)
Not required to be registerd with manufacturer (as Motorola require)
Must support blutooth keyboard (HID) - (Android 4 or above ?)
All data services available using WiFi (VOIP, HTTP etc)
Support 32G uSD card - HDSD
Can be used as a 3G / WiFi gateway
Replaceable screen / digitizer
Google maps support, with local map download via WiFi
Accelerometer, gyros and compass a bonus 

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