[chbot] power supplies and hexapods

Mikael Stewart mikael.stewart at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 04:55:50 GMT 2012

You might cringe, but I used an old AT style PC power supply in this 
video of my hexapod:

So it at least works, and in my defense, PC power supplies are designed 
for resonably wide range and dynamic loading, so not likely to destroy 
hobby servos. That doesn't speak for anything else that's sharing the 
same rails, or within a few meters of the circuit in operation ;)

It should be relatively easy for you to do the same, provided
1. you can find an old computer power supply;
2. take care to pre-load outputs slightly in case it doesn't like very 
light loads (e.g. servos idle, or turn on before connect);
3. keep control circuit power noise-isolated from servo power...In the 
video I think I had a cheap 9V PP3 dry cell powering the controller;
4. take note of the grounding/earthing for if/when you connect your 
computer's serial port etc.

Hope this helps!

On 15/01/2012 4:33 p.m., Peter Ellens wrote:
> Hi Guys
> I'm playing with a hexapod controller board from
> http://www.hexapod-kit.com/en/home.html
> Ive also obtained the servos from
> http://www.rc-fever.com/tower-pro-analog-servo-9g-12kg-012s-w-servo-arm-sg90-p-1537.html
> Sadly it looks like it need far more current than any power supply I
> have has.. and i'm not ready to look into lipo batteries and chargers at
> this stage
> Any chance any of you guy have a power supply that my be suitable?
> Mains to 6.5V threw 8V, 5amps?
> Thanks
> Peter
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