[chbot] Help I don't know enough about SMPS! (And can you help me design one pls)

Jasper Mackenzie jasper.mackenzie at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 19:57:06 GMT 2012

Cheers Volker!
> I have heard good things about LT (Linear Technology). Their reference
> designs (those in the data sheets and appnotes) are reported to work
> reliably. They're big in switch mode designs too. Check their range, but
> I suspect you are pushing the limits (mainly input voltage) with your
> solar panel. They have a good spice simulator too (LTspice), and are the
> only company who bothers to mention Linux and say that LTspice works
> under wine. (There was an article in a recent Elektor about that too).
> The LT semiconductors should all have spice models for their simulator.
> I would make extensive use of that in your position.
    DAMMIT! I have searched on LT before, but was looking from the wind  
turbine perspectice (up to 600V),
but with the solar panel specs there are four chips that could do it, the  
best being LTC3703 which doesnt look like it needs any special magnetics!
Its not isolated but thats no big deal to me.
  SO the only question here is if using a chip like this, how can I control  
the power flowing through the circuit? I assume that the LTC3703 will try  
and keep a constant V on the OP...
The need for V/I control comes from the need to do MPPT for wind, not so  
much solar, so at least I can cut my teeth on smps's with this chip even  
if I cant control I. The beauty of Telecoms Deep Cycle batteries is that  
you just give them a constant V and they do the rest. no need to reduce  
the current or whatever to do multi stage charging...

Anyway, if this can be done, what a great amount of easyness. Its as bad  
as being a script kiddy, no knowledge required, just copy the picture and  
colour in the pretty dots.

> For your wind turbine you should probably just get the kit that comes
> from the turbine manufacturer. They know what they're doing there. If
> you really want to roll your own, my advice is get the solar panel
> working first and collect experience there, then scale up.
  I am the manufacturere. It fell down on the 31st! Can you believe it. The  
rope snapped in the middle. No damage to persons or property tho! The wind  
turbine itself escaped unscathed. Amazing. So anyway, UV stable rope is  
NOT uv stable.

  HAppy New Year All.
I hope your resolutions are all about making more crazy stuff to colour  
our world just that little bit more. (Like killer robots for the kids)


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