[chbot] Big batteries

Jasper Mackenzie jasper.mackenzie at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 23:15:58 BST 2011

Heya Robin,
  It was me.

I have been getting them from dominion trading on Blenheim road.

I was also saying that I have found the relationship with these people to  
be difficult, and it has taken me many years to get what I needed from  
  Too often they have fobbed me off, changed the price at the last minute  
etc... To this end, I figured that seeing as I now have some kind of  
with them, that I should try and expand this, so that when they ge these  
batteries I buy them straight off them, test them, and return the duds,  
keeping a sort of
mass account with them such that the numerous ppl who need them can get  
them without a) dominion being hassled endlessly, b) being fobbed off, c)  
getting dud's
   Part of this is the critical timing, they come in in the morning, and  
can often be wrapped up and under a pile of other metal by evening. If  
they KNOW that someone will come and get them within the day we also  
maximise the number of batteries we can get our hands on (i.e they will  
hold them aside). And for the price, who cares if the are only 90%  
capacity! My back is the only concern here.

  What do you think?

In this case it would be worth building a rig test the batteries.

At any rate, I have 16 of them here that I cant use properly until I have  
duplicated your wind turbine controller. I will use solar for the 24V bank  
in the house, so wont need at least three of these banks in the meantime.  
You are welcome to try them out and see if they do it for you.


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