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Richard Jones rjtp at ihug.co.nz
Wed May 25 11:50:09 BST 2011

The thing I like about Robotics and the people who come to our meetings is
the diversity of science/technologies involved and the diversity of skills
and experience  of folks who come along to our meetings. We've managed
really well with impromptu show and tell, and Marks off the cuff
presentation on Gate Arrays was stunning. So here's the deal. How about we
start off this email as a list of topics that people would like to hear
about in say 15-30min prepared presentations. Topics could be anything
vaguely related to robotics. eg Battery technologies and charging. Folks can
put a + against a topic that they would like to hear about, and add their
name if willing to present it. Please add topics and names below as you
wish. I have put in a few ideas to start the ball rolling.

Topic List for Chch Robotics Presentations.

1. Picaxe toolchain demo +
2. Building a hexapod and making it move. +
3. JTAG ice debugging for AVRs+
4. How to use One wire devices +
5. Controlling Lego Mindstorms from Android phones.
5. Fly Fishing + J R Hartley
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