[chbot] FPGAs again ... how to pay?

Volker Kuhlmann list0570 at paradise.net.nz
Sun Jul 31 06:55:17 BST 2011

On Thu 28 Jul 2011 13:16:50 NZST +1200, Charles Manning wrote:

> I don't live in town, so it will be easiest for everyone if I can drop off the 
> units with someone on the Western side of town and people can pick them up 
> from there. Anyone want to play that role?

Happy to do so if you like, I'm in Hoon Hay. Perhaps someone else is
more conveniently located.

Import duty + GST will be an issue. The rule is that if 15% of (value of
goods + shipping cost + import duty if any) is < NZ$50, customs doesn't
care to collect it. Assuming no duty (on electronics I think that's
true) that leaves NZ$333 for (content value + postage) per parcel. That
fits 3 kits. IIRC shipping was US$40 so makes it not too different to
paying GST. If you care, check the final sums and split the order into 3
if it works out worthwhile, taking into account your time and how fast
you want it. The customs payment process was that they hold the parcel,
send a postcard, wait for payment, and then send on the parcel. I'm not
in a hurry (no shortage of other projects).


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