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Nathan Kennedy nathan at kennedytechnology.com
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Ah, good point Charles, high accuracy is what I was meaning.

I've compared the readings with other thermometers (aquarium thermometer, my
baby daughter's bath water thermometer), and they all seem to be within a
degree of each other.

I was measuring the temperature of my wife's tropical fish tank. Both my
probes measured 25.9, the bath thermometer measured 26.0, and the aquarium
thermometer measured 26.7. I thought it would be good to compare with a
known accurate thermometer to know which reading was the closest.

Thanks again,

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High accuracy or high precision?

A thermistor is about as precise as you'd ever need but won't be
accurate without good references.

Crushed ice and water give a pretty good 0deg C reference.

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 10:57 AM, Nathan Kennedy
<nathan at kennedytechnology.com> wrote:
> Good morning all,
> Does anyone in the group have access to a high precision thermometer? I
> built a couple of temperature probes and based the temperature
> on the datasheet specifications (and the results are consistant across
> probes), but would like to compare against a high precision thermometer.
> Thanks,
> Nathan.
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