[chbot] Anybody know the current rating of these Ferrite Chokes?

Nathan Kennedy nathan at kennedytechnology.com
Wed Feb 10 23:07:43 GMT 2010

Ooo, thanks for that site. I'll have to take a look.

Yup, it's for a SMPSU. Developing a project to run off a lead acid battery
so it needs to be as efficient as possible.


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Try http://www.activecomponents.com/ they distribute for Mouser in 
the States, have a huge stock and low shipping.

I assume this is for a SMPSU ?


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>Good morning all,
>I really didn't know where to turn for an answer to my question, so 
>thought I'd give this mailing list a shot.
>I'm after a 330uH choke that can handle at minimum 200mA. Anything 
>over that would be even better, however I want to keep the physical 
>size down to a minimum at the same time.
>These things look a little bigger than the one I'm trying at the 
>moment, but I don't see any actual rating. Does anyone here have an idea?
>Telerobotics project:
>Interactive xmas lights project:

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