[chbot] Great meeting- photos from last night...

Hanno Sander hanno at mydancebot.com
Thu Aug 19 01:28:58 BST 2010

Thanks everyone for a wonderful meeting- we had:
- exciting video footage from the VEX Robot world cup
- a helicopter buzzing around the room
- a book hiding a chess computer
- a fan/clock/large led display
- nano servo
- 12blocks/tbot demo
- report on the recent robocup competition
- demos of a robocup line follower and dance robot
- impressive repurposing of "junk"

Photos (thanks Mark for the camera) are here:
I estimate we had 25-30 people attending- we raised $18.10 for Science Alive.

If you have more details on a project you presented please email me
and I'll include in the official write-up.

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