[chbot] Where are we heading?

Hanno Sander hanno at mydancebot.com
Sun Feb 22 20:49:41 GMT 2009

It's wonderful to see how far we've come in the last 2 years- informative
talks, lots of robots, and great enthusiasm.  I apologize for having missed
the last meeting.  Don't know how well my dancebot would have fared in sumo
I am very excited that ViewPort v4.1 released last week and that Parallax is
selling it now- it's on the front page right now- check out

Ok, back to Richard's questions- lots of people, what to do?

How about splitting into 2 groups meeting alternate months?  One targeted to
an older audience with longer, more technical discussions (although demos
are still highly encouraged!) and the other targeted to the younger folk
with more time for competitions.


On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 7:56 AM, Richard Jones <rjtp at ihug.co.nz> wrote:

> Does anyone have any thoughts on where the Chch Robotics Group is heading?
> Our subscriber list (
> http://lists.ourshack.com/mailman/roster/chchrobotics
> ) has grown to 79 and attendance at the bimonthly sessions is steady, but I
> perceive a fall off in seniors.
> Below are some thoughts of mine, anyone else have anything to add or offer?
> We received requests from a number of folks to start meetings earlier so
> that younger enthusiasts can attend.
> The 6.30pm start seems to be working, we need content to attract young
> people for repeat visits and maybe the Robocup Junior and Sumo can in part
> supply this.
> How do we maintain a broad appeal without becoming a kids club?
> I think we could do with some more regular advanced and varied content
> later in the evening to share ideas and knowledge.
> It would be great to have presentations on practical robotics applications
> in the home, industry and for the disabled.
> By the way I always look forward to our meetings and never fail to come
> away motivated about some new ideas that I've seen or heard about.
> Thoughts anyone?
> Richard
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