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Hi Folks

Here is some information about the Robo-BOX. At the last club meeting it very successfully demonstrated that it can navigate a table with the aid of two infra-red sensors without falling off.

With the Robo-BOX kit you can build either a two or four wheeled robot or a tank track
robot with skid tracks. The bot is programmed using Logo Blocks or text
based Cricket Logo. It is suitable for beginners (10+ years, may
require some adult supervision) and also fun for the experienced! The documentation is comprehensive and includes a
construction guide and various other robot style guides for constructing SUMO,
MAZE and Fire Fighting bots.

A very
good affordable kit for competitions and schools to include in their technology
curriculum. It provides great insight into programming, mechanics and various aspects of physics and useful for developing fine motor skills. Program directly via the PC, no additional programmer is required.

The hardware platform is based around the Fujitsu MB89F202
8 bit processor with 16K of flash memory and runs on 4 x AA batteries. It has 4 dc motor outputs, 4
digital inputs, 4 analogue inputs and 2 digital outputs. Robokits website lists what
you get with the kit and other useful information such as a processor data sheet and some screen shots.

The complete kit costs $226.00 including GST and delivery anywhere in
New Zealand.

URL: http://www.robokits.co.nz/Robo-BOX

Postal address: PO. Box 29084, Fendalton, Christchurch, 8540, New Zealand
See our website: www.robokits.co.nz
Email address: sales at robokits.co.nz

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