[chbot] C vs C++ and embedded

Richard Jones rjtp at ihug.co.nz
Tue Dec 30 22:52:55 GMT 2008

Nice poll Chris, Processor/Language. 
For my Micromouse I'm using AVR/avr-gcc(using C) hosted on PC Ubuntu Linux,
future plans for Parallax Propeller/Image Craft C hosted under MS Windows.
Feeling nervous about using C++ on an ATMega8 with 1K ram, 8k flash, but
the article has made me wonder about the upsides.


On Wed, 31 Dec 2008 11:16:09 +1300, Chris Hellyar <chris at trash.co.nz>
> That makes interesting reading, coming from someone who has avoided OOP
> programming for ages, and only just got dragged in, kicking and
> screaming in the last year or so.
> I'm a die-hard assembly fan for embedded stuff, which probably makes me
> a dinosaur.  I suspect if it was still a part of my income I'd have
> switched to C long ago though.  I find it's the thrill of the chase with
> assembly which makes it interesting, but it also means it takes 5x as
> long to get the same result. :-).
> Case in point would be my current modbus project.  There are some good
> open source C code bases for modbus RTU on various platforms, but I'm
> coding from scratch in assembler for PIC 'cause I can'.  200+ hours of
> work and it's working well with a bunch of standard test tools, but in C
> I think it would have been more like 30 hours work.
> Which leads me to a straw-poll question...  What are people using as
> their tool set of choice for robots/gadgets?  What processor/language?
> I'm 1 vote for PIC/asm. :-)
> Cheers, Me.
> On Wed, 2008-12-31 at 09:56 +1300, Richard Jones wrote:
>> After the last meeting Paul was discussing with me the merits of using
> 'C'
>> structures and C vs C++. This article might prove interesting to anyone
>> interested in the tradeoffs between C and C++ for embedded applications
>> like robotics: http://www.embedded.com/98/9802fe3.htm
>> Richard
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