[chbot] Low power PC/Device for linux..

Chris Hellyar chris at trash.co.nz
Wed Nov 7 18:52:58 GMT 2007


Thanks for that link...

I'm stuck with amp, as the software solution already has 1500+ hours of
professional (Real paid-for, not including my time) development time in

I built a prototype using an old P90 laptop board believing there would
only be 1 of them built.  The request from the designer of the wind
turbine was 'can you put this thing on the net for me, and give it some

That was two years ago, now he's come back and asked if I can do another
20 units, along with Docco for full manufacture.  Doh.  The biggest
issue is going to be the low power.  I'm going to try out a Mini-ITX
M/B, and if that sucks too much juice it'll need to be a PC104 module by
the looks of it.

Cheers, Me.

On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 14:57 +1300, Richard Jones wrote:
> There is an interesting white paper from Sandisk about wear levelling in 
> Flash:
> www.*sandisk*.com/Assets/File/OEM/*White**Paper*sAndBrochures/RS-MMC/W*Paper**Wear*Levelv1.0.pdf
> I was considering the use of one of these little atngw100 cards to serve 
> the ChchRobotics site, but an easier solution is imminent...
> You could try Haserl (Dynamic Web content in 20K) in lieu of AMP.

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